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Our Goal for the Tryout Process

The WHYHA tryout process is aligned to our overall mission and our goal is to place each player on the team that will provide him or her with a competitive environment, one that will give them the greatest opportunity to develop their hockey skills, have a positive learning experience, and ultimately have fun.  We are working to create teams that are competitively balanced, from top to bottom, and at the same time find a spot for each player that tries out.  We feel the tryout process, which we’ve continued to enhance year after year, is fair and well designed to accomplish that goal. 

Frequently Asked Questions – General

Q:  If I have any questions on the tryout process, who should I contact?

A:  If you can’t find an answer to your question in the FAQs, please reach out to the tryout committee at .  This is your best means to get accurate information regarding the tryouts.


Q:  How are we handling goalie tryouts?  I didn’t see any dates/times listed.

A:  Goalie tryouts will be handled as part of each team tryout – there will not be a separate goalie tryout session.  Goalies should attend each tryout session in their goalie gear as they will be evaluated as a goalie throughout the entire tryout.  For players interested in trying out for goalie please contact the tryout committee to state your interest in trying out as a goalie. 


Q:  My child will be unable to make any or all of the tryout dates (due to injury, etc.).  What should we do?

A:  Tryouts are required for anyone interested in playing travel hockey in West Hartford and families should make every effort to attend both tryout sessions for their respective team.  Attending the tryouts gives the evaluators the best opportunity to get a full assessment of your child’s overall ability.  If your child is injured or unable to participate in the tryouts for whatever reason, please register your child for the tryout regardless - and contact the tryout committee and inform them of the situation.  We will work to evaluate your child as best as we can based on the data available, but remember the best way for us to get a complete evaluation is to have your child present at each tryout.  

Q:  What are the prerequisites to try out for WHYHA hockey and do we need to be a member of the organization? 

A:  You do not need to be a current or past member of WHYHA to tryout, however pre-registration is required for all tryouts (this can be completed on the WHYHA website via the ‘Register Online’ link).  In addition families must be paid in full through the 2016-2017 season in order to participate in tryouts. 

Q:  Is there a separate Tryout for A teams at each Division Level?

A:   No. All players are evaluated together at each Division Level. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Teams and Coaches

Q:  Who are the head coaches for next season?

A:  Head Coaches will be determined and named after the Tryout process has been completed. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Tryout Process

Q:  Where do we go on the day of tryouts?  How does check-in work?

A:  Tryouts will be held at either Veterans Memorial Rink or Trinity College.  Please check the WHYHA website for updated tryout times, dates and locations.  When attending a tryout, please arrive early and check-in at the table in the lobby.  The volunteers will be handing out colored “pinney” jerseys and numbers.  The players will need to wear the pinney over their jerseys during the tryout, with the number visible on their back.