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Hockey Equipment

Looking to begin your hockey fun?  Wondering what equipment you need? What does all of this hockey equipment look like?


Equipment List

Below is a list of equipment your player will need to step on the ice and join in the fun:

Helmet with full face mask

Neck Protector

Shoulder Pads

Elbow Pads

Hockey Gloves

Hockey Pants

Shin Pads

Hockey Socks

Jock with Garter/Jill with Garter (There are many “shorts” models with Velcro for socks too – a good option)

Hockey Skates

And… of course... a hockey stick – until your player figures out which way they shoot, a straight blade is the best for new players.

And don’t forget a hockey bag to carry all of your gear as well as a water bottle!

Brands? Where to buy? Where do I get all of this stuff?  How much does it cost?

All great questions!  There are many good brands out there, including Easton, Bauer, CCM, Reebok, and Warrior to name a few.  A few critical things to keep in mind as you shop is that your new player won’t have as much wear and tear on their equipment as a High School player would and your new player is likely to grow and change sizes multiple times over the next three to five years.

Used equipment can be a great option as you explore a new sport, but keep in mind that well-fitting equipment and a good pair of skates are keys to success as your player learns to skate.

Some local options for equipment include:

  • Play It Again Sports
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Pure Hockey
  • The Pro Shop at South Windsor Arena.

A limited amount of equipment is also available for purchase at Veterans Memorial Skating Rink. In addition, a number of on-line options, including totalhockey.com and hockeymonkey.com, are available and can provide a savings opportunity should you know the size and brand your are looking for.

A complete set of hockey equipment may cost anywhere from $100 to $500 depending on the brands and models you wish to purchase.  Some brands offer a learn-to-play package in which you can purchase the bulk of your needs as a block set – keep your eye out for sales and advertisements.


If you have any questions related to equipment needs, please contact (WHYHA President).