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CT Hockey will begin using a four part scoresheet beginning with the 2013-14 season.  Scoresheets were handed out at the CT Hockey Presidents' meeting, August 27th.  The additional scoresheet will be for the referees to take when needed. Scoresheets involving CHC tournament declared teams are to be turned in by the winning team, or the home team if there is a tie.

All CHC teams responsible for scoresheet submission (any tournament declared teams, Mite to Bantam and CHC Girls teams) are required to submit an emailed copy of the original to their appropriate Division Director within 48 hours of the game.  Team managers or coaches who do not have access to a scanner or other method to create a clear image must email the Director to that effect within 48 hours of the game, and must follow up with a mailed original within five days of the game for each game played.   As a reminder, the scoresheet should be submitted by the winning team, or the home team in the event of a tie.  Mite cross-ice scoresheets are submitted by the home team in all instances.

Tier 1 and Bantam/CHC Girls U14 Tier 2 (national tournament-bound) teams must follow up with the original by mail within five days.  Additionally, a CHC Director may request a rescan or an original if necessary to resolve any confusion or discrepancy.

The white sheet (NO PHOTOCOPIES) goes to the CHC Tournament Directors which can be found below or on the CHC Contacts page.  The yellow copy stays with the coach of the winning or home tying team, and the pink copy goes to the losing or visiting tying team coach. 


The white sheet must be completed properly (an example can be found here.....)  and sent to the CHC Division Director no later than 5 days after the game. Please make sure scoresheets are complete per the above link, and that they are submitted within the five days, or the results will not count towards tournament State rankings. 

IMPORTANT:  Please be sure to forward this information to all coaches and team managers to avoid any issue with your game sheets counting towards State rankings.